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self help for depression


help for parents with depressed teens


help for parents with depressed teens


Depression Fighter

How to resolve an upset

How to resolve an upset with a loved one

Learn how to easily resolve an upset with someone you love. Here are the steps to reconciliation after a disagreement or misunderstanding that has resulted in anger or broken an Read more
depression recovery map

How to conquer your depression: A guide

Learn how our depression recovery map tool can help you discover the source of your depression and reveal a series of simple steps to design a recovery plan that will Read more

Parents of Depressed Teens

Is it adrenal fatigue or depression?

Adrenal fatigue is a lesser known syndrome that has similar symptoms to major depression.  Some experts believe adrenal fatigue is misdiagnosed as depression often. It’s important to understand the differences Read more
How your digestive system affects your mood

How the digestive system affects mood

If you’ve seen a health professional (or professionals) for depression and no one has asked you the question: “Are you regular?”, you need to understand how having a healthy bowel Read more

Caregivers of Depressed Adults

natural supplements for depression

Natural supplements for good mood

The following is a list of natural supplements for good mood that may help ease the symptoms of depression. Many of these supplements can be taken alongside other therapies (ie. Read more
Should they take antidepressants

Should they take antidepressants?

As caregiver of a depressed person you will likely have to help your depressed loved one decide if they should take antidepressants or not. Hair loss. Fatigue. Increased thoughts of suicide. Read more

Who is Kay Walker and why did she create this web site?

depression expert Kay WalkerKay Walker is a reknowned and mediagenic ”life expansion” hacker in North America. She teaches people non-invasive tools to help people access their full potential and overcome their biological limitations that keep them being ordinary. She's a formally trained depression and suicide prevention expert and personal coach with first-hand experience of depression.

Walker created this depression recovery resource site as a place for all people struggling with depression (not just suffers, but their family members and friends too) to get the help they need desperately and are unable to get from government institutions or the medical community.

Depression Zone is unique compared to all the other sites you'll find on the topic. Instead of providing marginally useful information and directing you to crisis support centers and phone lines that are having trouble managing the massive volume of depression sufferers, DZ gives you access to knowledge, tools and tactics that you can put into action now so you can get immediate relief.

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